Arrival-, departure and opening hours

On the page Timetable you will find the times of departure from Hoorn and Medemblik station, as well as the sailing times for our ship from Enkhuizen and Medemblik harbour. On each end every operating day (coloured yellow in the timetable), a tram leaves Hoorn at 10.40 hrs and the ship leaves Enkhuizen at 10.40 hrs. Additional trams will be operating during high season, which are days in the timetable coloured orange or red.

Our museum, shop, engine shed, signal box and station buffet are open from one hour before departure of the first tram of the day until one hour after arrival of the last tram of the day. In addition, the shop is open during office hours: Mondays till Fridays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

buy tickets & reservations

Tickets can be bought online as an e-ticket or at the booking office in the Museumstoomtram’s stations at Hoorn, Wognum and Medemblik. When you start your journey at Enkhuizen you can buy tickets at the Tourist Information Office (VVV) opposite the state railway (NS) station. Holders of a Museumcard can have it validated onboard mv ‘Friesland’. Passengers boarding a steamtram at one of the stations en route can buy a ticket from the conductor/ticket inspector.

Firstly, check your payment by looking at your bank account to see if the correct amount has been transferred. Next, check your spam box. If you still have no e-tickets, contact our booking office.

As a rule: no. Exceptions being that a reservation is recommended for parties consisting of 15 persons and more. A discount on the total amount due will be applied automatically. When booking for special trams and arrangements like Christmas or Sinterklaas trams, a reservation is always compulsory

On our website under prices you will find all rates. An all day ticket costs € 26,95 for adults and € 19,50 for children from 4 -12 years. Holders of a Museumcard travel free when they show their card at Hoorn or Medemblik ticket office or when boarding our ship. For the state railway (NS) train between Hoorn and Enkhuizen a separate ticket is needed.

Yes. Please mail us your requirements, stating your full name and address.

No. We do accept the Museumcard, but we don’t issue it.


You can start at either Hoorn station or Enkhuizen harbour. Tram and ship connect at Medemblik. The connection between Hoorn and Enkhuizen is made by state railway NS. For a map of the area click here.
It is not possible to start your roundtrip (steamtram and ship) from Medemblik. A one way journey by either tram to Hoorn or ship to Enkhuizen is possible. The return journey from Hoorn to Medemblik can be made by Connexxion bus line 239 (139 on Sundays) for which tickets are available from the bus driver.

No. You can join and leave our trams at all stations en route. If you wish to travel from a station along the line it is advisable to notify us beforehand on +31229255255.

Our ship moors opposite Enkhuizen railway station; from there a half-hourly train service connects Enkhuizen to Hoorn with a journey time of about 20 minutes. If you don’t have an OV card you will need to buy a separate train ticket (adult € 5,30 and child 4-11 years € 2,50) before boarding the train at Enkhuizen.

No. The steamtram, ship and NS railway are located within easy walking distance from each other.

Depending on the type of coach, you will have to climb 3-4 steps.

That depends. Persons travelling in wheelchairs should be able to leave the chair when boarding. The chair should be collapsible. On board our ship a chairlift is available. Electric wheelchairs cannot be accomodated.

Yes. It is, however, advisable to bring a compact model like a buggy or maxicosy. If the pram is too large it cannot stay in the gangway and has to be folded out of the way under your seat or stored in a luggage compartment.

Yes, you can take a (electric) bike on board tram and ship. You do need a luggage ticket for it (€ 4,50).

Dogs are allowed on board tram and ship. If the dog cannot travel on your lap, you need a special ticket for € 4,50. That decision is up to our ticket office staff or the onboard conductor. Please note that dogs are not allowed inside the Zuiderzeemuseum.

food and beverages

A buffet is available on board our ship, and the tram which departs Hoorn at 10.40 hrs. If you require a lunch or other special arrangements for parties over 15 persons, please contact our booking office.