Museumstoomtram Hoorn
Phone +31229 255255

P.O. Box 137
1620 AC Hoorn
The Netherlands

Hoorn station address:
Van Dedemstraat 8
1624 NN Hoorn

Location harbour Enkhuizen
Address: Tritondam 5, 1601 GT Enkhuizen

Location station Medemblik
Address: Dam 2, 1671 AW Medemblik

B.V. Exploitatiemaatschappij Museumstoomtram: KvK Hoorn nr. 36003717

If you travel with a party of over 12 persons, or if you wish to book a special program like Saint Nicholas or the Christmas Express, then making a reservation is necessary. Contact us via email or by phone. Contact details: phone +31229 255255; email:

Individual tickets for steamtram and/or boat do not need a reservation. It is advisable, however, to buy your ticket online, which assures you of a seat.