Groups & Touroperators

Groups (12 persons or more) & Touroperators

Enjoy a Classic Holland Experience

The engine whistles and the fireman puts coal onto the fire. Wooden partitions creak, wheels sing and steam hisses. The start of the most exciting journey through time in Holland. Get on board and relive an experience from a different era. In springtime the steamtrams will take you through the most colourful bulbfields in this ancient Dutch countryside. This Classic Holland Experience is easy to reach: it’s situated just north of Amsterdam and Schiphol airport.

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Historische Driehoek Extra

In Enkhuizen you go on board of the museum ship Friesland for the boat trip to Medemblik (start 10.40 a.m.). During the trip we serve two cups of coffee with apple pie and when you leave the ship you will get a ‘Schipperslunch’. When the ship arrives you can discover the beautiful historical centre of Medemblik and visit, for example, the baker’s museum ‘De Oude Bakkerij’. Thereafter the Steamtram will take you from Medemblik to Hoorn, where you arrive at 14.40 hours.

Noord-Holland 3-in-1

Noord-Holland 3-in-1, is a complete day trip, starting by steamtram at Hoorn at 10.40 a.m. In Medemblik the trams connect with the big steamer across lake IJsselmeer te Enkhuizen, where you will visit the famous Dutch open air museum ‘Zuiderzeemuseum’. Coffee, cake and lunch are served on board the steamtram and the boat. Please contact for more information.