The safety of the visitors and personnel is a priority, the Museum Steam Tram has taken steps to insure this.

Regulations RIVM:
– Wash your hands when you go out, when you come home, after you’ve blown your nose, and of course before you eat and after you use the toilet.
– Cough and sneeze into the inside of your elbow.
– Do not shake hands.
– Stay at least 1.5 meters from everyone.
– Stay home when you have a cold or runny nose, when you sneeze or cough more than you normally do, or when you have a fever (38 degrees C.). Also if someone in your household has any of these symptoms, stay home until everyone has no symptoms for at least 24 hours.


Because of the limited capacity of the Steamtram, you must reserve a seat or seats. Tickets can only be bought on-line at the website of the Steamtram. By presenting your E-ticket at the counter of the Steam Tram, you will get access to the Museum. Two days before the date of your reservation, you will receive practical information from us.

Museum Card and/or BGL VIP-Card
The Museum Card and BGL VIP-Card can still be used for admittance to the Steamtram Museum. You must scan the cards yourself at the counter to avoid as much contact with the personnel as possible.

1.5 meters between households
To help guarantee that 1.5 meters distance is ensured, there have been lines drawn on the floor of the Museum. At each room there is specified how many people (including personnel) are allowed in the room. The capacity of the Steam Tram has been reduced  to 45 % of the normal capacity. You may visit the Museum with more than 1 person, if you are all from 1 household. We classify the tram on the basis of the reservations. If you have any preferences, let us know at

Hygiene Measures
The Museum Steamtram shall provide facilities to disinfect or wash your hands. Contact points such as door handles will be regularly cleaned. You are not required to wear a mouth cap at the Steamtram.

The toilets will be cleaned and disinfected more often than usual. The number of people allowed in the toilet building at one time will be limited. To ensure the 1.5 meters rule, some of the smaller toilet buildings will be closed. Toilet buildings at the train stations in Hoorn and Medemblik will be open.

The cafeteria in Hoorn and Medemblik will be open, but on the Steamtram there will be no catering. It is possible to order food and drinks when you purchase your E-Ticket, which you can then take with you on the Steamtram. Please, when paying for the items, use your credit or debit card.

The toilets on the Tram can only be used in emergencies, ask the personnel for information.

No bicycles are allowed on the Tram.

There is a healthy role with cheese, a currant bun, a muffin, an apple and an orange drink in the packed lunch. For the children there is a white roll with a box of chocolate sprinkles, a currant roll, a muffin, an apple and an orange drink.

You can pick up the packed lunch you ordered in the cafeteria of the station in Hoorn. All the items will be in disposables.

Yes you may eat your lunch on the Tram. There will be no catering on the Tram.